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For Custom Inquiries, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN section below! For Custom Inquiries, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What does Gemma Watts Fine Jewelry make?"

A: We specialize in custom Engagement Rings, with an unlimited selection of natural, and lab grown Diamonds and Gemstones. Most pieces are made using 14 and 18 karat gold in all colours. Sterling Silver and Platinum are also available for custom orders. 

On top of those, we can also assist you with any custom, made to order and special orders for all  types of fine jewelry.  As well as "never-gets-worn" and Heirloom piece redesign


Q: Does GWFJ sell Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones?

A: The short answer is, yes! One of the benefits of working with a private jeweller includes access to any Diamond/gemstone your heart desires, including Lab Grown. We're always happy to have a discussion with all of our customers, and potential clients about the pros and cons to Lab-Grown diamonds and gemstones!


Q: "I recently inherited my family's Heirloom ring, but I really don't like the style so I never wear it. Can you help me re-design it?"

A: Yes! This is one of my favourite types of projects. Upon personal inspection of your piece, we will discuss your options and come up with a design!

Keep in mind GWFJ cannot guarantee the authenticity of any piece, unless an inspection is done by a third party gemologist/appraiser. We can still use your supplied stones. Due to the alloys used in older metals, some older pieces may not be suitable for reuse. 


Q: Your prices are higher than many other online jewelry retailers. Why should I shop with GWFJ?

A: GWFJ specializes in designing and producing custom made fine jewelry. Everything is made to your specifications, including personal Diamond and Gemstone selection. This means we are unable to compete with mass-produced online retailers. 

We offer higher quality jewelry and customer service personalized to each clients needs. 


Q: "I'm worried my partner will see your store name on our bank statements and it will ruin the surprise."

A: We use an incognito name to display on your banking records! We also have more payment options available, please reach out to to arrange alternate payment methods.


Q: What is the difference between your concierge and custom services?

A: Many of our clients come to us not knowing if they are in need of Custom, or Concierge services. The main difference between to two is the speed of delivery/turn around time.

Custom Jewelry is sourced and made 100% by Gemma and her team.

Concierge means we scour the hundreds of made-to-order or ready-made vendors GWFJ has access too, to find the perfect piece for you!


Q: Are GWFJ pieces Ethically sourced/sustainable?

A: Ethicacy and sustainability are very important pillars of our values as a company.

We aim to exceed expectations on all fronts. We challenge the traditional fine jewelry market by putting quality, and your experience first. GWFJ adheres to the Kimberley Process for trade ethics. As well as taking measures above and beyond.

The number one way GWFJ prioritizes sustainability is by selling pieces meant to last generations. The costume jewelry industry is fast fashion (we're talking gold plated and gold filled pieces) with big environmental repercussions. Instead of buying a new piece every 3 months once it tarnishes and the plating wears off, why not buy one piece you'll be able to wear for the rest of your life? These pieces will only become more valuable for generations to come, vs ending up in a landfill. 

We offer recycled gold as an option for your custom! (never-mined metals)

Origin is the best way to ensure the ethics of modern Gemstones and Diamonds. Knowing where the gem began its life, and its journey until it reaches you is our favourite way of holding the Diamond industry socially responsible.

Canadian Diamonds are considered the pinnacle for Diamond Industry standards. And GWFJ is proud to offer all types of Canadian origin Diamonds. Be sure to mention your interest in Canadian origin during our consults, so we can be sure to pull selection from Canadian stock!

Here are some ways GWFJ prioritizes ethical and sustainable jewelry practices. 

We sell antique, vintage and estate pieces. Wether you want to buy and antique diamond and set it in a modern piece of jewelry, or your looking for the perfect Antique Edwardian jewelry piece, GWFJ has your back! Antique and vintage jewelry is considered one of the most ethical ways to purchase fine jewelry! Not to mention, the incredible story and value these pieces have.

All of my favourite vendors specialize in fair-trade practices, by working with Artisanal miners all over the world. Some of our favourites are Vantyghem Diamonds, Mistfit Diamonds, and Gemcorp Sweden. These companies all prioritize ethics in the jewelry industry. They take the time and money to ensure they are fairly supporting their miners, as well as the surrounding communities and environment. While properly tracing the origins of their gemstones. 

All of GWFJs vendors are North American or European and have very high trade and quality standards. Ensuring all your jewelry pieces are well made!