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For Custom Inquiries, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN section below! For Custom Inquiries, please visit our CUSTOM DESIGN section below!

Concierge Service

What are you searching for?
A certain gemstone or antique cut diamond?
Something you saw a celebrity wear on the red carpet?
Maybe a previously loved designer ring?
Are you looking for those specific earring your partner wants for their birthday?
Or maybe you need a beautiful engagement ring ASAP because you are just so excited?
Thats where our concierge service will be here to help.
I love the hunt! 
I'll use my training and expertise to ensure you receive the best quality and beauty. All while ensuring your experience is comfortable and fun!
Think of our concierge service like a personal shopper. Using our extensive collection of vendors, and contacts. GWFJ will find you what you want, in your set budget. A starting budget of $250 is suggested, due to the value and quality GWFJ likes to offer. But all inquiries are welcome!
Let me do all the searching for you!
I have a network of thousands of dealers, jewellers and wholesalers I work with. And anything your heart desires is always within reach.
My knowledge and passion are at your disposal. I started my career dealing in vintage and antique jewelry, and will always have a soft spot for them.
As a GIA trained jeweller, I'll use my knowledge of Gemmology and jewelry value to make sure you're receiving the highest quality and authentic pieces.
Your satisfaction is my top priority! and I'll keep searching till you're happy.